The Montrose Child Care Center
is staffed by qualified teachers
and assistants with expertise
in child care and development.



Montrose Child Care provides a breakfast (cereal/muffins/bagels/waffles, etc.) milk, and juice/fruit. Children must arrive by 8:30 to be included in breakfast. Children arriving later should already have eaten at home.

Lunch-Our lunch is on a two week rotation. Three days a week lunch is provided by an outside vendor, and two days a week is prepared in-house.

Snack-A nutritious snack is provided daily in the afternoon.

All meals are approved by a nutritionist and follow Federal USDA regulation guidelines to assure that the children receive a well-balanced diet. Parents receive a menu at the beginning of each month with a newsletter.

Parents of infants provide formula and/or breast milk, cereal and "baby food” (commercially or home prepared) labeled with their child’s name. As infants are introduced to new foods, parents must keep teachers informed so that any reactions can be noticed quickly.

When infants begin finger foods and juice, they will be offered MCC juice and finger foods (once cleared with parents). All foods brought from home are refrigerated if needed. Bottles are heated with warm tap water.

If you are substituting meals or snacks, please send in something healthy. We will work with parents of children with special dietary needs on an individual basis.

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